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The name Haridwar suggests that the Dwar of Hari or the Door of Lord Hindu deity. Haridwar situated within the foothills of the mountain chain within the north Indian state of Uttarakhand wherever the Ganga enters the plains when a turbulent journey within the mountain chain.  Haridwar is a city of temples, dharamsalas, ashrams and saints and sages from all elements of Republic of India. The Ganga is adored in ghats, with colourful ceremonies being performed at the Har-ki-Pauri. Har-ki-Pauri is that the place wherever Lord Hindu deity is believed to own left his footprints.

The Kumbha Mela is additionally control here in each twelve years of the month Apr. throughout the Kumbha Mela, the thousands of devotees gather at the confined space close to Har-ki-Pauri to wash within the waters. Bathing here is believed to cleanse all sins. There ar varied alternative temples in Haridwar like Mansa  deity Temple, Kankhal. The Mansa  deity Temple is price visiting for the view of town of Haridwar. This temple is about on the south hill of the Siwaliks and might be reached by chair lift. Here could be a distinctive Gurukul faculty of ancient education.

Haridwar Uttarakhand Darshan

Near Place of Haridwar

Kankhal: Kankhal is located concerning three kms from Haridwar. Kankhal is that the place wherever the Sati, the Lord Shiva’s married woman is believed to possess burnt herself to death as a result of her father Daksha’s didn’t invite Siva to a yagna. Sati, in anger, burnt herself to death. once Siva learned that Sati had killed herself, he took up her body and danced in grief, distressing the globe along with his dance and his tears till the gods cut the remains into items. once the yoni fell, Siva took the shape of a linga, and peace was re-established within the universe. There is that the temple of Daksehwara within the Kankhal.

Har-ki-Pauri: Har Ki Pauri is one in every of the foremost sacred ghats in Asian country.  Har-ki-Pauri is that the place wherever Lord Hindu deity is believed to possess left his footprints. Har-Ki-Pauri the sacred steps was made by King Vikramaditya in memory of his brother Bhartrihari. Bathing here is believed to cleanse all sins. This steps is additionally referred to as Brahmakund, the steps is magnificently lit within the evening throughout a Maha Aarti performed on this steps. any down on the city district area unit additional bathing ghats.

Mansa Devi Temple: The Mansa Devi Temple is value visiting for the view of the town of Haridwar, situated on prime of a hill known as the Bilwa Parvat. the highest of Capitol Hill offers you a wonderful view of Haridwar. 
This temple is ready on the southmost hill of the Siwaliks and might be reached by rope manner.

Chandi Devi : The temple of Hindu deity Devi on the highest of a hill known as the Neel Parvat that is on the opposite facet of the stream Ganga, was made in 1929 AD by the King of Jammu and Kashmir – Suchat Singh. Hindu deity Devi temple could be a three kms trek from the Hindu deity steps. Hindu deity Devi Temple is accessible by a cable tramway, that starts close to Gauri Shankar Temple.

Sapt Rishi : At one place Ganga divides herself into seven little streams. This place is understood because the Sapt Rishi and provides a really pleasing sight. The Ganga flows in seven streams ahead of this Ashram, thence this place is additionally known as Sapt Sarovar.

Maya Devi: Maya Devi Temple is one in every of the Shaktipeeths in Asian country. it’s Associate in Nursing ancient temple of Maya supernatural being} the Adhishtkatri deity of Haridwar. it’s same that the center and navel of immortal Sati had fallen at this place( saktipeeth).

Daksha Mahadev Temple: At a distance of four kms from Haridwar, the traditional  temple of Daksh Mahadev is located within the south of Kankhal city. Kankhal has many temples and ashrams.This place is one in every of the 5 sacred places in Haridwar.

Bharat Mata Temple: This can be one in every of the necessary temples of Haridwar. it’s eight stories during which the photographs of cities, heroes and nice men area unit put in.

Shanti Kunj: It’s the celebrated ashram of Gayatri. Followers and pilgrims from so much and wide converge here for yoga and natural cures.

Neelkanth Mahadev: In keeping with mythological accounts, throughout Sagar Manthan, Lord Shiva drank all the effluent venom here, that turned his throat blue. Hence, Shiva conjointly became celebrated as Neelkanth. A four hour walk from Lakshman Jhoola, this temple is located at a height of 1700 meters. Quite actually, a not-to-be-missed travel destination aloof from the madding crowd.

Rajaji National Park: Haridwar is additionally a preferred destination for journey lovers. life lovers, desire to go to Rajaji parkland at Chilla. Chila life Sanctuary, a locality of Rajaji parkland, that attracts life lovers with its pristine scenic beauty and made bio diversity.

How to Reach Haridwar

By Air : The nearest Jolly Grant Airport is around 35 km from Haridwar. Domestic airlines operate flights between Delhi and Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun.

By Rail : Haridwar is well connected to almost all part of Uttaranchal by rail links.
By Road : Haridwar is well connected by road. From Delhi , Kuamun and Garhwal.  You can reach Haridwar by bus, or car.

Haridwar General Info

Location : In the north Indian state of Uttaranchal. 

Attraction : Har Ki Pauri, Mansa Devi, Kavand Mela, Chandi Devi, Sapt Rishi, Maya Devi, Daksha Mahadev Temple.

State: Uttaranchal

District: Haridwar

Famous for/as: Hill Station

Pincode: –

STD code: 0133

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