Uttarakhand Top Female Singer | Famous Women Singer of Uttarakhand

Famous Women Singer of Uttarakhand 

There have been women folk singers in the mountain folk in the past, some of whom got fame through the media, while some did a wonderful job of decorating and beautifying the folk here with their singing art, even in oblivion. Today we are going to tell you about famous women singer of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Top Female Singer

Anuradha Nirala

Anuradha Nirala ji has been giving songs with the melodious voice of Uttarakhand ever since the people there were not much familiar with the music. The jugalbandi of his songs with Narendra Singh Negi is very much liked by the people of the mountain.

Madhuri Barthwal

Dr. has been working continuously for many years for the preservation, promotion etc. of folk music of Uttarakhand. Madhuri Barthwal is known as the first female musician of All India Radio.

Kabootari Devi

Today’s Uttarakhandi youth may not be familiar with Kabootri Devi, but at one time she used to be the voice of the mountain. The music and singing of Kabootri Devi was inherited from her family.

Kalpana Chauhan

The folk singer of Uttarakhand, Kalpana Chauhan, is famous by the names of Swar Nightingale and not knowing. Kalpana not only plays the magic of her voice in Uttarakhand, but she has also brought flags of hill culture abroad.

Basanti Bisht

Not only did Basanti Bisht carry forward the Jagar tradition, the first woman Jagar singer of Uttarakhand, but she also told the importance of Jagar to the whole of India.

Bachan Dei

Bachan Dei, a prodigy folk singer and dancer of Radhakhandi style, Sadai, Bajuband, Gain Jagar, was born in 1948 in Asena village of Bhilangana development block of Tehri Garhwal district.

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