Know About Uttarakhand Helpline Number | उत्तराखंड हेल्पलाइन नंबर

उत्तराखंड हेल्पलाइन नंबर

 The Uttarakhand government has started the CM Helpline number for the citizens of the state and the information related to it has been released on the online portal, so you can register your problem or complaint by visiting its official website. Your problems will be solved by the concerned department. The complaint will not be considered resolved until you are completely satisfied with the resolution.

Today one has to go to the concerned department to take advantage of all government schemes or for other works. But it is often seen that even after repeatedly visiting the department, the work is not done on time. Because today, day-to-day cases of corruption keep coming to the fore. However, to stop them, the central government and all the governments are working continuously. So that the common citizen does not face any kind of problem.

Friends, if you are a resident of Uttarakhand, then read this article carefully. Because today in this article, I am going to explain in detail what is Uttarakhand Chief Minister Helpline Number, how to complain on UK CM Helpline Number, etc.

How to complain Uttarakhand CM Helpline?

In this process, we are going to tell you how to complain on Uttarakhand CM Helpline, if you want to complain on Uttarakhand CM Helpline, then you can register your complaint through 2 mediums. Which is as follows –

i)by helpline number

ii)through online portal

Complaint Procedure Through Uttarakhand Helpline Number

You can call Uttarakhand CM Helpline number 1905 to register your complaint. Fill the information asked by calling this number and register your complaint.

Procedure for making complaint through online portal

In this process, we are going to tell you how to register complaint in Uttarakhand CM Helpline through online portal, if you want to register your complaint through online portal then follow the steps given below.

Go to official web site

First of all go to the official website of CM Helpline

Register Grievance/Demand/Suggestion Go To

After that click on Register Grievance/Demand/Suggestion given on the home page.

Please enter the Mobile-Number

As soon as you click, the page for registering through OTP opens in front of you, fill your mobile number on this page and click on Get OTP.

After this OTP comes on the mobile number you have filled. Fill it in the space provided and click on the Submit button.

Fill in the complainant personal information

After this, the complaint page opens, fill the information asked on it like Aadhaar card number, complainant’s name, mobile number, email, gender, district name, block name, village or city name, address etc.

Register Complaint

After that fill the complaint for which you want to register, for which information asked like rural or urban on the basis of complaint.

After this fill the department, sub-department, category of complaint, district, assembly etc.

After that fill the description of the complaint i.e. the problem (which must be 200 words).

File a Complaint

After filling the complaint details and other information click on Register Public Grievance given to register the complaint.

After this, your complaint reaches the concerned department or the officer appointed under the CM Helpline and action is taken on this problem.

Uttarakhand Helpline Number | उत्तराखंड हेल्पलाइन नंबर

Uttarakhand Helpline Number | उत्तराखंड हेल्पलाइन नंबर

Scheme Name: – CM Helpline

State: – Uttarakhand

Helpline Number: – 1905

Purpose: – To take the complaint of common citizens to the Chief Minister

Complaint Mode: – Online

Portal website: –

How to Check Uttarakhand CM Helpline Complaint Status?

1.If you have filed a complaint with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand through the online portal, then you can check the Shikayat Status Online by following all the steps given below. What action has been taken on your complaint, what report has been filed by the concerned officer.

2. To check Uttarakhand Mukhyamantri Sikayat Status Online, you have to visit its official website.

3. Here you have to click on “Complaint Status of CM Helpline”.

4. Here you have to fill your registered mobile number and complaint number and click on “View”. On clicking, the details of the complaint made to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand will open in front of you.

Purpose of Uttarakhand CM Helpline Number

As you know that the people of the state take any kind of complaint to the government official, but the people’s complaint is ignored by the officials. And people have to go around the government departments many times and have to face many problems due to which people waste a lot of time. In view of all these problems, the Chief Minister of the state has Uttarakhand CM helpline number, toll free mobile number and WhatsApp Has launched through which the people of the state will be able to register their complaints through a call sitting at home and get solutions to their problems, this will save the time of the people of the state.

Benefits of Uttarakhand CM Helpline

Uttarakhand citizens can directly convey their problems to the Chief Minister by calling the CM helpline number.

You will be able to register your complaint only through a mobile OTP.

The problem lodged on the CM helpline number will be resolved within 24 hours.

Uttarakhand common citizens will not have to visit government offices again and again to get their problems resolved. Which will save both time and money.

You will be able to complain to the CM about any department not working on time.

Online complaints can also be made through the portal.

If you are not satisfied with the problem you have complained about, then you will be able to make your complaint again on this helpline number.

Uttarakhand CM Helpline Contact  Numbers

Toll-Free Number (Helpline Number)- 1905

Email ID –


Health related information will be available on Uttarakhand helpline number 104

104 integrated helpline service is being operated by the Health Department with the objective of making health services accessible to the general public in the state. Through which any person can get suggestions, complaints and medical advice related to health services. This service operated by the department is gradually becoming popular among the people.

To make health services easily available to the common people, the government has started 104 integrated helpline toll free number. With this service, which operates 24 hours, any person in any area of the state can dial 104 number and share health related information, complaints and suggestions. There will be no charge for calling this number.

उत्तराखंड हेल्पलाइन नंबर

बाल हेल्पलाइन 10 9 8

पुलिस नियंत्रण कक्ष  100

अग्निशमक दल 101

महिला हेल्पलाइन 180018041111

1. What is the official website of Uttarakhand CM Helpline?

Uttarakhand CM Helpline Online Portal:

2. What is the Uttarakhand CM Helpline Number?


3. What is the procedure to complain to Uttarakhand CM Helpline Number?

To complain to Uttarakhand Chief Minister by helpline number, you have to call 1905, and you have to tell your name, permanent address and complaint. As a result of which your complaint is registered. After this CM helpline can check the status of the complaint.

4. How much does it cost to complain to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand?

Chief Minister Grievance Helpline number has been started by Uttarakhand Chief Minister only for the citizens of the state. Whether you can register a complaint with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand through the helpline number or through the online portal, there is no charge for making the complaint.

5. Who can complain to Uttarakhand Chief Minister?

All citizens living in the state of Uttarakhand, whether male or female, or irrespective of caste and religion, if they have any kind of complaint or complaint against government departments and employees, they can complain to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

CM Helpline started in Uttarakhand, just dial 1905

Complainants can register their complaints by calling 1905 or through the mobile app or on This call center will be available daily from 8 am to 10 pm for all the citizens of the state. All the departments of the state government can be contacted from this helpline number. Information about government schemes can be obtained. Under the proper solution of public problems, officers from block to government level will be responsible. The call will also be free on 1905 number.

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