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 Know About Uttarakhand Famous Singer Sanjay Bhandari

Sanjay Bhandari is an Indian folk singer who mainly sings Uttarakhandi and Garhwali songs. Sanjay Bhandari was born in Tehri, Uttarakhand, India. He is a famous singer from Uttarakhand. He completed his schooling from GIC Anjanisain School and B.A (bachelor of arts) from Government College Chandrabadni New Tehri. 

No person in Sanjay’s family has any relation with music or music. Sanyaj says that his music had started from school itself. He has been fond of singing songs since childhood. Since childhood, Sanjay used to listen to the songs of Gadharatna Shri Narendra Singh Negi, Jagar Samrat Pritam Bharatwan and Gajendra Rana and used to hum along with them. Due to which his practice continued and then a passion for singing songs was born in his mind.

Growing up in a joint family, Sanjay has five siblings, including four brothers and one sister. Sanjay is the youngest of the brothers. But only Sanjay has been fond of singing songs in the family, due to which Sanjay converted his hobby into a skill with his dedication and hard work. Today in Uttarakhand, he is ruling the hearts of the audience with his talent.

Sanjay Bhandari Uttarakhand Singer

Singer,Performer & Song Writer of Uttarakhand

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