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Bageshwar is found around ninety KMs from Almora., at the confluence of the Gomti and Saryu rivers. There’s temple dedicated to Lord Bagnath from that this place derives its name. They are available really alive throughout the Uttarayani Mela in January each year. Neeleshwar and Bheeleshwar square measure 2 facing hills, there’s a Chandika Temple atop Bheeleshwar and an previous knife Temple atop Neeleshwar. The place is important from each non secular and traveler purpose of view.

Know About Bageshwar Uttarakhand

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For trekking enthusiasts , Bageshwar is a crucial destination. as a result of so as to achieve Pindari, Kaphni and Sundardhunga glaciers one should essentially cross Bageshwer.

Near Place of Bageshwar


Baijnath nineteen Kms faraway from Kausani and twenty six kms from Bageshwer , is a place of a lot of historical importance . The temple is known for it’s ancient and sumptuous stone idol of the Hindu god Annapurna. The Annapurna temple belongs to the twelfth or thirteenth century. There square measure several ancient temples at Baijnath . Most of the temples square measure placed on the Gomti stream.   Baijnath is settled at the banks of the Gomti stream.                                                                                       The temple is known for it’s ancient and sumptuous stone idol of the Hindu god Annapurna. Around eight KMs from Baijnath on the Gwaldam road is lies the illustrious Kotkimai temple.


Situated thirty kms from Bageshwar on Bageshwar Chaukori motor road. One will have a panaromic view of the snow capped Himalayan|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range from here.


This picturesque place is treat for nature lovers and is twenty five kms from Bageshwar on Bageshwar chaukori motor road. Ancient Bhadrakali temple is close to Kanda.

How To Reach Bageshwar

Rail :
Nearest railhead is Kathgodam, 165 kms.

Road : Bageshwar is well connected with all the major towns and cities of Kumaon, Garhwal region and Delhi.

Bageshwar General Info 

Location :  In the north Indian state of Uttaranchal.

Languages: Hindi, English and Kumauni.

STD Code :  05963

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