What is the Famous Food of Uttarakhand?

 Famous Traditional Foods of Uttarakhand

Food is the main basis of sustenance and living of people living in any society, culture and special geographical conditions. The grains grown in the same odd geographical conditions make the special dishes there nutritious as well as delicious in taste. This is the reason that apart from its natural beauty, Uttarakhand is also known for its delicious cuisine. Over the years, these dishes have been the mainstay of the life of the people of Uttarakhand.

Famous Traditional Foods of Uttarakhand

Although there is some difference in culture in both the circles of Uttarakhand i.e. Kumaon and Garhwal, but except for some special dishes in both these areas, almost all the food looks the same, there is a difference in the name. At the same time, there is a change in food according to the season, like in winters, sesame laddoos or Mandvi rotis are preferred, while in summer, Chhaj-Jhangora, Chholia is preferred with rotis. So the pulses grown here are used in food according to the season.

Phanu, Kafuli, Bhiwani, Chainso, Jholi, Rot, Bari are some Garhwali dishes. On the other hand, in Kumaon, Aalugutuk, Dabke, Thathwani, Kapa, ​​Chudkani, Joula, Sisunak Saag etc. are made and eaten in common life.

On the other hand, to make the taste more deep and delicious, chutney bhangire chutney, in place of radish, green ground salt enhance its taste in this food.

On the other hand, in the sweet dish, Singhal Puha, Jhangore ki Kheer, Siguri, Bal Mithai, Aate ki Kheer, chamchods made of rice, and rice made by grinding rice and gathering and body etc. play a special role. You are being told about some of these dishes below.

What is the Famous Food of Uttarakhand?

Popular Food of Uttarakhand


Aloo Gutke – Potato Gutke is one of the most popular dishes in Uttarakhand as it is made equally in both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. Gutke of potato is eaten with puri and raita of cucumber and curd, while this dish is also made in most festivals and we also get to see weddings. Watch the video.


Kafuli or Kapa – Kafuli is one of the delicious dishes in the traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand. Which is most liked in the winter season. To make kafli, palak lai ab means mustard leaves or fenugreek leaves are used. To make this, it is cooked in an iron pan and its color is quite green.


Phanu – Phanu is a typical food of the Garhwal region. It also takes more time to prepare, but if health is kept in mind then it is very tasty.


Gahat Parathas – To make Gahat parathas, Gahat is soaked overnight, boiled and ground. Then adding salt and chili inside it, it is cooked like roti. Often times it is also fried like a poori. When served with pumpkin curry, its taste increases manifold. At the same time, it becomes tastier and tastier even with ghee, butter or bhangire chutney. Now both mandwa or wheat flour is used to make it.


Kode ki Roti – Koda or Mandwa bread and the dishes made from it are eaten by the people of Uttarakhand with great fervor. Kode ki roti is cooked in a fire stove and eaten with homemade butter, ghee, salt and onion, or bhangire chutney.

Bari – Body is a popular dish of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. To make it, a solution of flour or ghee, jaggery or sugar is mixed together and it is rotated in an iron pan for a long time so that it becomes thin, it is very beneficial for taste as well as health.


Kandali’s Greens – Kandali’s greens are often seen only in the remote hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Now its existence is being lost in common life. But even now the people of Garhwal eat it with gusto. To make Kandali greens, scorpion grass is often boiled and made edible.


Arsa – Rotna – Arsa and Rotna are often made in the form of artefacts for marriages or when a daughter goes to her in-laws house. This tradition is seen almost everywhere in Uttarakhand. Rice is pounded and ground into a fine paste to make Arase and Rotne. Then it is kneaded and dipped in jaggery syrup and fried in oil. Generally it can also be called Pahadi Mithai.


Chainso – To make chainso, lentils (urad or black lentils) were prepared by grinding. Chainso is very famous in Garhwal, while it is also easy to make. Grinded lentils (urad or black lentils) are fried in oil for some time and spices and water are added to it and cooked for some time. Its taste is enhanced by making it in an iron vessel.

Potato Thinchoni – It is mostly eaten in Garhwal. Which is preferred with roti or rice in the form of greens. To make potato thinchoni, small mountain potatoes are pressed into the folds and finely chopped. Then the paste of onions, tomatoes and spices made usually by adding ground potatoes, after roasting it a little, pouring water over it is cooked in a low flame.


Gulgula – Often you would not have heard the name of this dish of the hill people. But if you are familiar with the food and drink of Uttarakhand, then people must have heard this name often. Dumplings are also made on auspicious occasions like Arsa-Rotne. Banana paste is used to make it and it is cooked in oil. Earlier, the thick fruit of banana grown in his farm was used to make dumplings. But now due to the villages getting empty gradually, now market bananas are being used.


Dal ke Pakoras – Dal pakoras are made on auspicious occasions in Uttarakhand. In the traditional food of Uttarakhand, dal pakoras are served in auspicious functions before potato pakoras from the plains. In this, after grinding the lentils, spices are mixed in it and roasted in oil.


Thattwani – It is mainly popular in Kumaon. This dish is made by slow cooking the lentils and then separating the lentils from it and serving its juice with rice.


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