Which is the Highest Peak of Uttarakhand?

Which is the Highest Peak of Uttarakhand?

 Nanda Devi is the highest mountain peak of Uttarakhand. It is a part of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The name of the highest mountain peak of Uttarakhand is Nanda Devi which is situated at an altitude of 7816 meters.

Most of the snow covered high peaks of the state of Uttarakhand are situated in the Garhwal Mandal in the Great Himalayas. Height of 7817m is located in Chamoli district, which is the highest peak of the state,  if we talk about Nanda Devi , then Nanda Devi is the second highest peak of the Himalayas in India.

Which is the Highest Peak of Uttarakhand?

Nanda Devi mountain is situated between the Rishi Ganga in the east and the Gori Ganga valley in the west. Nanda Devi mountain has its own religious significance, in Uttarakhand Nanda Devi is worshiped as a goddess. If we see from historical point of view, the first historical dynasty of Uttarakhand was Kuldevi Nanda Devi of Katyuri dynasty and after Katyuri dynasty, Kuldevi of Chand dynasty established in Kumaon is also Nanda Devi.

Nanda Devi mountain is the second highest peak in India and the 23rd highest peak in the world. Kanchenjunga is higher than this and the highest peak in the country. Nanda Devi peak is located in the Himalayan mountain range between the Gauriganga valleys in the east and the Rishiganga valleys in the west in the Uttaranchal state of India. Its height is 7817 meters.

This peak is worshiped as the main deity in the state of Uttaranchal. She is called Nanda Devi. There are two ends of the Nanda Devi Massif. The other end of these is called Nanda Devi East. There is a two kilometer long ridge area between these two. In 1936, Noel Odell and Bill Tilman got success in the first conquest of this summit.

According to mountaineers, the area around Nanda Devi peak is very beautiful. This peak is located in the middle of many peaks above 21000 feet. This entire area has been declared as Nanda Devi National Park. This National Park has also been given the honor of World Heritage of Natural Importance by UNESCO in 1988.

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