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Champawat Uttarakhand Tourist Places

Champawat is a natural beauty destination within the Kumaun region , the traditional capital of the Katyuri and Chand Rajas, settled at a height of 1615mtrs. It had been at Champawat the Lord Hindu deity is alleged to possess appeared in his turtle incarnation (Kurmavatar), thence Kumaon came to be referred to as Kurmanchal. It’s on the road to Pithoragarh. It’s conjointly notable for its Shiva temple.

Attractions in Champawat square measure the Narsingh Danda, Hingla Devi, Hidamba Ghatkach temple, Maneshwar, Kranteswar, and also the Surya temple at village Ramak.
Tourist Places Champawat

“Baleshwar temple, champawat” by Pranavspn – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –,_champawat.JPG#/media/File:Baleshwar_temple,_champawat.JPG

Near Place of Champawat

Baleshwar TempleThis includes a gaggle of temples engineered by the first Chand Rajas and dedicated to Baleshwar, Ratneshwar and Champawati Hindu deity. The temples have tortuous carvings and painted ceilings.

Nagnath Temple

This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was blasted by Rohilla and Gorkha invaders within the eighteenth century. What remains are an enormous graven entranceway and a double-storeyed wood structure. The Nagnath temple is a superb example of ancient Kumaoni temple design.

Mayawati Ashram

The ashram attracts spiritualists from Republic of India and abroad. it’s located regarding twenty two metric linear unit from Champawat and nine metric linear unit from Lohaghat. the foremost elevating sight in Mayawati is that the brilliant snow vary of the Himalaya and its silvery dazzle on a moony night reminds of Lord Shiva sitting during a meditation posture.

Abbot Mount

Abbot Mount is located regarding twenty five metric linear unit from Champawat and 08 metric linear unit from Lohaghat. The place is legendary for peaceful secluded holidays.


45 kms from Lohaghat. Devidhura is legendary for its Varashi temple, wherever the standard Bagwal (organised stone throwing between 2 groups) is control once each year on Raksha Bandhan.

Vanasur-Ka-Kila (Vanasur’s Fort )

This fort is located at associate elevation of 1859 mts. Vanasur’s Fort is located regarding seven metric linear unit from Lohaghat and twenty metric linear unit from Champawat. to succeed in Vanasur’s Fort, you have got to visit Karnakaryat from Lohaghat for six metric linear unit by road and one has got to perambulate 2kms. to urge to the fort.

Shyamla Tal

Shyamla Tal is located regarding thirty metric linear unit from Tanakpur on the route to Champawat then four metric linear unit on foot from Sukhidhang or on machine. Shyamla Tal is legendary for its stunning lake that is touch a part of one.5 km. In 1915, the Vivekanand Ashram was conjointly established here.


Lohaghat is located regarding fourteen metric linear unit from Champawat on the banks of the Lohawati watercourse. It’s a middle of historical and mythological importance. The city is located amidst tall deodar cedar trees.


Purnagiri is located regarding ninety two metric linear unit from Champawat. it’s a renowned shrine of nice holiness. Thousands of pilgrims from totally different components of the country visit this topographic point each year. when the pageant of Holi, a mela is additionally control here for forty days.

Meetha Reetha European

Meetha Reetha European is located regarding seventy two metric linear unit from Champawat. It’s aforementioned that Guru Nanak Dev visited this place and had non secular discussions with the jogis of Gorakhnath sect. The Gurudwara was inbuilt 1960 at the confluence of Ladhiya and Ratia rivers close to village Deyuri.

How to Reach Champawat

·         By Air:  The nearest airport is Naini Saini.
·         By Rail: The nearest railway station is Tanakpur.
·         By Road: Champawat is linked with various places like Nainital, Almora, Ranikhet,  Pithoragarh and  other places in the Kumaon and Garhwal region.

Champawat General Information

State: Uttaranchal
District: Almora
Famous for/as: Hill Station
Languages: Kumauni and Garhwali, Hindi
Best Season: Apr – Jun, Sep – Oct
Pincode: –
STD code: 05965

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